13. Submitting Vehicle Suggestions in Vehicle Manager

In this article we will take a look at Vehicle Suggestion submission from the frontend.

Submitting Vehicle Suggestions in Vehicle Manager

When you have configured Vehicle Manager to allow users of your website to submit Vehicle Suggestions, the users can enter vehicle suggestions through the Suggest Vehicle button in the main Category View and in the Vehicle List in each category.

Frontend Vehicle Suggestion form

Vehicle manager 13_1

The user can enter a Title for their suggestion and enter the suggestion itself in a free text box. Once everything is filled in, the user clicks on the Save button on the bottom of the form. The Suggestion will be submitted to the backend. If you have allowed Suggest Vehicle for Guest users in Settings Frontend, then Guest users will see a CAPTCHA image underneath the form and a text box where they have to enter the code generated. Registered users will NOT see a CAPTCHA.

Suggestion Flow

At the moment the Suggestion flow is rather crude. The user enters a suggestion and the Admin views it in the backend. Admin can configured take emails with every new suggestions added.

The Admin will have to look up the vehicle manually and enter it into the Vehicle manager manually.