18. Printing Reports in Vehicle Manager

In this article we will look at the option to print reports in Vehicle Manager in Vehicle Manager.

Print Reports option in Vehicle Manager

In the Admin backend, go to Components > Vehicle manager > Vehicles.

vehicle manager 18_1

In the Vehicle Manager select one or multiple Vehicles (checkmarks in front of the titles) which you want to print a report from. Then click the [Print] button on the top right.

You will now see the following screen:

  • Font Size. Select the font size you want with the dropdown box

  • Format. Select the paper format you want with the dropdown box

  • Print checkboxes. Select the columns you want to include in the Report print-out.

When you have selected all the details you want, click the [Next] button. You will now see the preview screen according to the choices you made.

  • Print. By clicking the [Print] button again, your printer selection screen will come up. You can print to a physical printer or to a PDF creator if you have that installed.